REVIEW - McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Networking & Telecommunications


McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Networking & Telecommunications


Thomas Sheldon



McGraw-Hill Companies (2001)




Francis Glassborow


August 2001



How exactly do I review an encyclopedia? I can hardly be expected to read it, and one covering the range this one does makes it unlikely that a single reader can authenticate its quality in general. As it covers everything from Internet protocols to fibre optic cable it is not surprising that nearly 1500 pages is not enough. The index seems reasonable, many articles cross reference to other entries and frequently there are references to other resources such as URLs.

My sense is that this book does its job well, but that there is one major weakness, it is only valid now and will need to be replaced in a few years time. If you need to look up details about various aspects of telecommunications and networking (in the broadest sense, everything from LANs, WANs, VPNs to the Internet and wireless) then this book would help. If you work in some part of this subject area, having this book will provide access to information about the adjacent areas that you sometimes need for your work.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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