REVIEW - C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide


C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide


Jarrod Hollingworth



Sams (2000)




Albrecht Fritzsche


December 2001



There goes the saying 'Too many cooks spoil the broth', but imagine many cooks each one serving you his favourite meal. That's what happened in this book - based on a mailing list decision several professional C++ Builder insiders wrote about their field of expertise relating to the Borland C++ Builder development environment. Therefore all the material presented is of high technical correctness.

If you are using the C++ Builder environment, then this book is the 'unleashed' source for you. You will find nearly every topic imaginable covered - from valuable C++ programming tips, communications and Internet protocols, XML and database programming, over distributed computing, image and sound processing, OpenGL and ActiveX programming up to techniques for software installation and updates. I was quite impressed by finding for instance the return value optimisation explained in the same book that covers COM+ programming. The density of the material makes this possible; each of the 34 authors gets straight to the point, which makes this book a highly valuable resource where you can open a chapter and immediately start working with its contents.

This first-hand knowledge comes in a book of nearly 1400 pages and on a CD with 2050 pages - only the latter containing the complete text. That's the only problem I had in reading this book; jumping to the chapter of your interest just to find a note that the complete text appears on the CD. That means reading at least ten chapters on-screen. The CD includes further a 60-day trial version of the C++ Builder 5, the sources and additional development utilities.

If you are developing with the C++ Builder then this book is a valuable resource and reference book giving you useful hints and tips on a wide range of different fields. Also, as soon as the Kylix (Borland's 'Delphi and C++ Builder for Linux') C++ version is released, you can use the majority of the material from this book as Kylix C++ is anticipated to be quite similar to the C++ Builder.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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