REVIEW - VC++ MFC Extensions by Example


VC++ MFC Extensions by Example


John E. Swanke



CRC Press (1999)




J Crickett


June 2001



I recommend it (ignoring the layout), as most similar books that I have read, do not cover these topics.

I said this when I reviewed his earlier book, Visual C++ MFC Programming by Example but I think It is worth saying again. This is one of those books that had I seen it in a bookshop I would have flicked through and rejected almost immediately. I hate, I mean really hate books laid out in this style, the overuse of headings (and the ridiculously large font used for most of them), tables where the rows alternate between grey and white backgrounds, and grey backgrounds for all the code (as I find black text on dark grey really is not pleasant to view).

This is a very useful book to have around, unlike most MFC programming reference books this answers my questions and describes how to do some of the less common 'cool' features that everyone wants to put in their applications. These cool features are things like, adding buttons to the caption bar, programmatically rebooting the system, worker threads, interprocess communication, changing the common file dialogue, using rebars, putting icons in the status bar and creating toolbar property pages.

There are 69 solutions to these common problems in total, so you should find out how to achieve the feature you are after in one of his two books! The code is generally clear and easy to follow and the book begins with a brief introduction to Windows and MFC. I recommend it (ignoring the layout), as most similar books that I have read, do not cover these topics.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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