REVIEW - Com+ Unleashed


Com+ Unleashed


Richard C. Leinecker



Sams (2000)




Asad Altimeemy


April 2001



COM+ is an extension to the Component Object Model (COM), which is one of the world's most widely adopted frameworks for creating interoperable code. This book shows how to apply the COM+ model creatively and effectively to solve everyday programming problems. Emphasis is on programming advanced COM+ applications using the Microsoft DNA framework. Part I examines the Component Object Model and its relationship with the Microsoft DNA framework and gives design principles for multi-threaded architectures. Section II covers advanced COM+ programming techniques and Section III looks at the Microsoft Transaction Server and COM+ Services. Section IV covers asynchronous component programming.

There is a lot of good material in this book. Every chapter is devoted to another part of the COM+ riddle. The book addresses many key aspects of what is sometimes considered, a problematic and complex technology, in a clear accessible way. However, most of the discussions on MTS (Microsoft Transactions Server) were from MTS 2.0. COM+ with its new threading interfaces was not mentioned. Event classes, Queued components and MSMQ components were only discussed in a very superficial manner.

If I wanted to give this book a mark out 10, I would give it 7.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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