XSLT Quickly


Bob DuCharme



Manning Publications (2001)




Asad Altimeemy


December 2001



the book contains examples of all the major areas of XSLT and its use with XML

Part tutorial and part user's guide, this book covers the basics of XSLT and provides instruction for techniques in document manipulation. Guidance is provided on topics like; XPath; adding, changing, converting, copying, counting and deleting elements; adding, converting, testing and reusing attributes. It provides easy instructions to learn about XML mark-up and programming issues. These include XTML; browsers; numbering; sorting; stripping; and using whitespace. Appendices include an XSLT quick-reference, a brief primer on running XSLT processors and a glossary. This guide will help XSLT users get common transformations done with minimal time and effort.

Geared toward new users of XSLT, this guide is a basic tutorial of the concepts and documentation manipulation techniques necessary for the most common XSLT tasks. Featuring an XSLT cookbook, which provides task-oriented recipes for tackling issues such as converting elements to attributes or reading in multiple documents at once, this guide makes it easier to find solutions to most development problems.

This is one of the most important books to come out on the subject of XSLT. Carefully written to be quickly understandable and informative, the book contains examples of all the major areas of XSLT and its use with XML, giving the reader a good grounding into what is becoming one of the most powerful Internet languages. I would recommend this book to any one who is new to XSLT.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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