REVIEW - Microsoft Windows 2000 API Superbible


Microsoft Windows 2000 API Superbible


Richard J. Simon



Sams Publishing (2000)




Asad Altimeemy


June 2001



More than just a reference, this book explains how things really work, as opposed to how they are supposed to work.

This is not a tutorial book and It is not for a beginner; however it is an excellent reference book. It covers all Windows 2000 32-bit Programming API. The textbook contains complete descriptions of each function, detailed parameter descriptions and examples for each function that are concise and show the functionality. Topics considered include the new Win32 API, message processing, creating windows and creating menus. Other areas explored are user-input functions, memory management, I/O with files, the registry, processes, threads, and fibres and error and exception processing.

More than just a reference, this book explains how things really work, as opposed to how they are supposed to work. Windows 2000 programmers have to know the APIs, or they cannot do their jobs. The book addresses every API call with a detailed description and usage tips.

The book is arranged topically with related functions presented in the same chapter. Using relevant examples that are complete and appropriate to the task at hand, the user will be able to see clearly the most effective usage for each function. The user-friendly organisation of the book will save programmers valuable time and negate the need to sift through disorganised vendor supplied documentation. For the reasons outlined I would give this reference text a 10 out of 10.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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