REVIEW - Windows NT Workstation Configuration and Maintenance


Windows NT Workstation Configuration and Maintenance


Matthew M. Lavy, Ashley J. Meggitt



O'Reilly (1999)




Graham Kendall


June 2000



I suspect two main groups; those that just like meddling around with Windows NT and those who are responsible for maintaining Windows NT configurations will purchase this title. For the average 'hacker' this book will provide a greater insight into the workings of NT and provide them with much information as to how they can get more from their system. For the system admin professional it will not only provide lots of useful hints, tips and techniques but also provide information as to how the system can be made more secure and provide audit trails if something should go wrong. It would help if you are familiar with Perl but if you need a reason to learn it, then this could be it.

This book is not for everybody and only a very small percentage of the C Vu readership would find it useful. However, if you are responsible for maintaining Windows NT workstations this book is one of those you should have access to. It is also reasonably priced although at 164 pages, it is on the short side.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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