REVIEW - Information Design


Information Design


Robert E. Jacobson


MIT Press (1999)




Francis Glassborow


February 2000



When I first saw this title I was curious as to what it could mean. Having read it I conclude that 'Information Design' is result of excessive compression (perpetuated in the hope of making the subject more respectable?). How does 'design' interact with 'information'? After reading this collection of essays I conclude that the subject covers the ways in which information can be collated and presented so as to modify the recipient. Propaganda and the work of 'spin doctors' seems to be part of this subject. The creation of myths and the way in which information is disseminated/presented are also part of the subject. There are perfectly legitimate elements to this subject. Such things as how to present information so that it can be easily learnt and integrated into someone's knowledge are topics that any lecturer, teacher or conference speaker should study. However I am still left with the feeling that this is just a grandiose title for a somewhat ill-defined subject.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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