REVIEW - Integrating CORBA and COM Applications


Integrating CORBA and COM Applications


Michael Rosen, David Curtis



Wiley (1998)




Steve Cornish


February 2000



The authors' credentials make it difficult to suggest anyone more suitable for writing this book. Both were contributors to the OMG COM/CORBA Internetworking specification and Michael Rosen was technical leader for BEA System's ActiveX Desktop product.

This book provides, in essence, an 'all you ever wanted to know about integrating CORBA and COM using the OMG Internetworking specification, but were afraid to ask.' The book itself is well focused. It clearly defines it aims. The aim of the first half is to make the user understand the issues involved with Internetworking problems and to apply the learned examples to their scenarios.

This book manages to present the authors' wisdom in a very clear and readable manner. Unfortunately, there are occasional errors (mostly in the code examples), which though annoying, impact little on the overall quality of the material. The biggest criticism of the material is that the Internetworking products used to illustrate the examples don't appear to exist anymore (due to BEA Systems' acquisitions, etc.) and the accompanying website has made no effort to help the reader by providing updated links or alternatives. Still, the value of the book is in the integration material.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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