REVIEW - Visual object-oriented programming - concepts and environments


Visual object-oriented programming

concepts and environments


Margaret Burnett, Adele Goldberg, Theodore Gyle Lewis



Manning (1995)




Nigel Armstrong


April 2000



Visual Programming is not the same as programming for graphical user interfaces, though many UI environments provide some sort of visual programming tools. Rather, Visual Programming is the use of visual elements for the programming task itself. A visual programming language need not in principle have any text elements at all, though to go to that extreme will make it hard to use or understand.

Visual OO Programming is just that; programming using a visual programming language that supports object-oriented concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism.

This book is a collection of academic papers which show a wide range of possible approaches, some relatively mainstream, similar to the sort of tools we meet in modern IDEs, others altogether stranger. One could not recommend it to anyone who is not intending to design a visual environment with some programming features, or who has not an interest in the field.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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