REVIEW - ADSI CDO Programming with ASP


ADSI CDO Programming with ASP


Mikael Freidlitz, Todd Mondor



Apress (1999)




Asad Altimeemy


October 2000



a very commendable resource for mastering the considerable powers of ADSI and CDO

The intended audience for this book is the experienced professional web developer, consultant and network professional. The experience level is geared to Advanced to Expert Knowledge of one or all topics; HTML, VBScript, ASP, Web Design, Network Design, Exchange Server 5.5, IIS 4.0 and Windows NT/2000.

Early sections explore the basics of the Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) for managing directories (including Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [LDAP] directories) and the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) for managing an Exchange Server (and other e-mail systems). Used together, these two APIs can give administrators control over the entire network.

The final sections of the text discuss security issues and list all ADSI and CDO objects. The authors rely on examples to illustrate how to work with ADSI, while pointing out the VBScript code required to perform specific tasks (for instance, adding a user or changing a password). The example of the card filing system shows how ADSI manages the administration of users in Windows NT, while CDO takes care of mailbox management and distribution lists.

With full examples and coverage of all relevant APIs, ADSI and CDO Programming with ASP shows you how to manage entire networks and e-mail systems using browser-based interfaces. In all, this book title is a very commendable resource for mastering the considerable powers of ADSI and CDO.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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