REVIEW - The OPEN Process Specification


The OPEN Process Specification


Ian Graham, Brian Henderson-Sellers, Houman Younessi



Addison-Wesley (1997)




Joe Wood


April 1999



This book describes the OPEN (Object-oriented Process, Environment and Notation) development process. The intention of OPEN is to provide a third generation, industrial strength development method for object-oriented projects. OPEN will be seen as a potential rival to UML, however in principle one could use the UML notation in a project managed by the OPEN process.

Sadly, I found this book most unsatisfactory. I say 'sadly' because I believe that we need some good books describing how to successfully manage OO projects, but this book is not one of them.

The book is divided into two major parts, the first providing an overview of the OPEN process and the second providing a reference manual for the various phrases of a software project.

I think the test for a book of this nature, has to be the question 'Would I feel happy running a project based on this book?' To which I am forced to answer NO; because there is insufficient information in the book and I am still left wondering what makes OPEN different from UML (say).

If you want another perspective on running an OO project and you can borrow a copy then feel free to have a look, but frankly I would not recommend buying a copy nor even making a mad rush to the library.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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