REVIEW - Charlie Calvert's Borland C++ Builder 3 Unleashed


Charlie Calvert's Borland C++ Builder 3 Unleashed


Charles Calvert



Sams (1998)




Glenn P Smith


August 1999



Borland C++ Builder 3 Unleashed is a massive tome at over 1100 pages, which meant it did not make it to my bedside table. As the author admits, this is not a book for beginners, which could end in a misleading purchase, as the cover quotes, 'The Comprehensive Solution!' My first reaction was to how much code was printed in the book. Practically no pages go past without some code listing of some sort or another. All the code within the book is also included within the accompanying CD-ROM, the content of which is jam packed with bits and pieces, including eleven of the chapters from the book in Abode Acrobat format. Apparently due to space restrictions these chapters could not be printed! The author has included any chapters that did not make it into this version, but were however in the last version, along with all the code.

I thought the chapters on implementing databases and making Internet aware applications where very useful. Chapters have been written to be read from start to finish, which is good when learning, but no so good when you forget that vital option or function call and need to use them as a reference.

Overall, a large book with too much printed code, but which covers some very useful topics.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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