REVIEW - MCSE Test Prep - Windows 95


MCSE Test Prep - Windows 95


Andrew Brice




New Riders Pub. ()




Dave Rutlidge


October 1999



This is the first of the New Riders test prep books that I have looked at in any detail and I think it will be my last. While some readers may find it useful revision, found the book poorly written and very laborious. Though most of the book seems technically correct, there are some significant errors. The actual production of the book is poor and the paper feels like newsprint.

Bearing in mind the electronic nature of the MCP exams, I am inclined to believe than an exam simulation is a better way to revise. It's certainly more fun than wading through this.

Overall, the book has some value, but there are better revision guides out there and I would give this one a miss.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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