REVIEW - Windows Telephony Programming - A Developer's Guide to TAPI


Windows Telephony Programming

A Developer's Guide to TAPI


Chris Sells



Addison-Wesley Professional (1998)




Aaron Ridout


October 1999



Book only, no CD, public access web site for (2Mbytes) source code.

The book is an excellent match to its main title, it is well written and informative; but the subtitle `A Developers Guide to TAPI' is a little misleading, in that there is little in the book about TAPI directly. What the book presents is a reasonably well designed class library wrapper for TAPI implemented in C++. This library is quite well designed and the book presents it very well and any developer who uses it, following the books excellent advise, will be a long way into producing a good telephony based application far faster than if they struggled with TAPI directly.

The C++ is of a reasonable (Microsoft-esque) style, but there are a couple of bloomers. There are several pre-processor macros, but my 3 `favourite' ones are:

TSUCCEEDED(tr) (tr == 0) TFAILED(tr) (tr<0) TPENDING(tr) (tr>0)
which are disguising the wrong things. With an example of use being:

Thus throwing away the return code!

The book lacks some depth, especially in areas where I needed help. It also uses quite a lot of the same terminology as the TAPI documentation, some of which is not obvious and a glossary would have been a good addition.

The chapter on TAPI-3.0 is only little better presented than the MSDN provided information but does not say how the design of the presented classes might change to accommodate TAPI-3.0.

Recommended for TAPI-2.0 today, but needs a lot of work for TAPI-3.0 (Windows 2000).

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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