REVIEW - The CORBA Reference Guide - Understanding the Common Object Request Broker Architecture


The CORBA Reference Guide

Understanding the Common Object Request Broker Architecture


Alan Pope



Addison-Wesley Longman (1998)




Al Lines


August 1999



CORBA, or Common Object Request Broker Architecture, is a technology designed for developing distributed systems. It does this by providing a common interface and descriptions for objects. In fact, just the kind of thing C++ programmers need! Here is where this Guide steps in, aimed at those wanting to understand the technology and also how to use it.

The author begins with the basics of objects and the rationale behind the Object Management Group (OMG) who came up with CORBA. Developing from this, is the Object Request Broker (ORB), the key mechanism through which objects communicate. The reader is then treated to both descriptions of the object interfaces and also some example structures; all the information you require to start building your own ORB.

I can profess to not (yet) requiring all of the contents of this book. However, it is clear and comprehensive to read and has proved itself as a reference to which I have returned. If you have any interest in CORBA or wish to try and use it, you should certainly look at this book, if you do not own it already.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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