REVIEW - Microprocessor Interfacing and Applications


Microprocessor Interfacing and Applications


MA Mustafa



New Age International ()




Chris Hills


April 1999



There are already many books on this subject. So what sets this book apart? It stresses requirements and planning rather than bits and addresses.

The text is in 16 chapters each looking a separate category such as motors or switching. After an introduction each chapter seems to be largely exercises and examples, all with answers directly following. The text is largely just that, text. There are small fragments of circuits and pseudocode. However the pseudocode contains a lot of GOTO's and appears to have a pedigree in BASIC. The circuit diagrams are more theoretical than practical. Many are at block diagram level.

The text often presents more than one solution to a problem, usually hardware and software approaches. This coupled with its emphasis on the requirements and definitions is one of the books good points. Unfortunately the detail in this book is not good enough to make it a cookbook for hobbyists or engineers. Whilst it talks about interfacing to microcomputers is not specific to any commercial machine or CPU. It will get you thinking and present ways of solving the problem but implementation is up to you.

I would have to say that this book could be used as an additional course book. Useful for students but engineers will need something else. Could do better!

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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