REVIEW - Using Visual C++ 6


Using Visual C++ 6


Kate Gregory



Que Publishing (1998)




James Gordon


August 1999



I have bought other books on Visual C++ in the past and this one stands out as being the best so far for info, layout, etc.

I've always wondered what the difference was between the 'special edition' and the normal books. I've found out now that the special edition is complete and goes into every aspect of the software.

This book goes into detail about every step in creating an MFC application and the other options on the 'New Project' Dialogue. It explains how Windows passes messages to your application and how MFC maps those messages to your functions. The MFC document/view architecture is explained and how to split your data and visual view of it. It show the use of Windows Common Controls, ActiveX, File I/O, Property pages, Windows sockets, Internet programming, database access, Visual Studio add-ins. The list just goes on and on. When I say it goes into everything, it does, even a short introduction to C++, exceptions and templates. These subjects are only given a cursory glance as this book is about the MFC, but it tries to explain things enough to help you understand the language when using the MFC.

This book is very nicely laid out with enough white space to be easy on the eyes, lots of pictures and little notes explaining the things that might be confusing. Code is delimited by grey lines giving the file and functions they are in which is helpful if you want to follow the code. There are grey boxes on the right pages that are almost like tabs, which make it easier to jump from one chapter to another.

There is no CD as all the code is downloadable from the net. The one thing that confuses me is there is an advert for Visual Basic Magazine is the back of a book on Visual C++'s MFC?

A very nice book and you get a lot for your money. The only problem I have with these types of book is that when Microsoft bring out the next version of Visual C++ the book is redundant. I know that this is the same with any kind of book but more so with books specific to a particular version of a piece of software.

Yes I would buy this book, with the above personal reservation. I have bought other books on Visual C++ in the past and this one stands out as being the best so far for info, layout, etc.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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