REVIEW - Bad Software - What To Do When Software Fails


Bad Software

What To Do When Software Fails


Cem Kaner, David Pels



Wiley (1998)




Francis Glassborow


April 1999



You are a computer user, if you were not you would not be reading this. Therefore I can be certain that you have come across bad software (probably lots of it). What should you do about it? This book, written for an American audience addresses that question. It does so comprehensively, tackling just about every aspect. It also does so in a highly readable form.

Unfortunately there is a lot of material with specific references to American law, protection agencies and the like. It is still worth reading outside the US but I really would like to see Wiley commission a European edition by bringing in some legal experts etc. to re-write the parts that are too specific for non-Americans.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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