REVIEW - Foundations of Application Management


Foundations of Application Management


Rick Sturm, Winston Bumpus



Wiley (1998)




Francis Glassborow


April 1999



As this book is not about software development I am just going to give it a brief review. The justification for even this is that many of you work in large organisations where the subject matter of this book becomes relevant.

Traditional management of resources was fairly easy because we were dealing with concrete resources. For example, in a school (because I know those best) track has to be kept of books, chairs, desks, consumables such as chalk, special items such as overhead projectors etc. Only one class could be using a set of textbooks at 9am on Monday. Only one teacher could be using the school's film projector during the last class on Wednesday etc.

Conflicts in resource usage became all too clear.

In the world of software we have a very different problem. How do you ensure that applications are up-to-date (everyone has applied the latest service patch etc.)? More important, how do you ensure that your company is not using unlicensed software, or more copies than you have licenses for? Managing applications in a modern large company with distributed computing resources is a complicated task. This book tries to give guidance in this area. How successfully? I am sorry but that is beyond my competence to assess. The author writes from experience and if you think you have the relevant experience you are welcome to do a detailed review of this book.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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