REVIEW - Teach Yourself StarOffice/Linux in 24 Hours Bundle


Teach Yourself StarOffice/Linux in 24 Hours Bundle


Nicholas Wells&Dean Taylor&Bill Ball




Sams ()




Francis Glassborow


October 1999



This consists of two books (TY Linux and TY StarOffice 5 for Linux in 24 Hours) and a CD with Redhat Linux 5.0 on it. Note that the bundle does not include a copy of StarOffice. That means that before you get started you will need to obtain a copy of this integrated office suite for Linux. Couple that with the fact that Redhat is already up to 5.2 (I think the current version is 5.3) and this bundle begins to look less attractive.

I understand the idea that providing Linux together with an office suite makes the whole thing more attractive but I think it has really got to be shipped with all the software (even if that makes it more expensive).

The books are perfectly standard ones from this series with the learning task for each (Linux and StarOffice) split into 24 one-hour lessons. I think you should then add quite a bit of homework time to consolidate on what you learn from each lesson. If this method of study works for you, fine. In general it does not work for me because I find there is very little relationship between the time it takes to work through a lesson as such and the time it takes to digest it. It probably takes me less than an hour to prepare to install Linux but I know from bitter experience that the installation process can take many hours when things do not go as the book describes.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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