REVIEW - Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 fast&easy


Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 fast&easy


Coletta Witherspoon




Prima ()




Francis Glassborow


October 1999



This is almost certainly not a book for you because most readers will already be familiar with the web and the most they will want is a book that helps them to get to grips with the new features found in the latest version of Internet Explorer and its companion Outlook Express.

This book is aimed at the newcomer and the entire presentation is based on anottated screen shots. This is almost certainly the right way to go, and for once paper is definitely superior to electronic copy (think about it, your novice wants the computer to run Internet Explorer and then wants something to help him/her understand what they are seeing).

This is an excellent book to give to relations or friends who badger you for help in their early excursions into the World of electronic communications. My one caveat is the publisher's decision to publish the text and diagrams in varying shades of blue.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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