REVIEW - Teach Yourself MCSE Windows 95 in 14 Days (2ed)


Teach Yourself MCSE Windows 95 in 14 Days (2ed)


Marcus Barton




Sams ()




Francis Glassborow


February 1999



While I do not buy into the concept of MCSE (Microsoft Certified Software Engineer) you may find you have to. If that is the case this book is a sensible study aid (but get your employer to buy it). Actually if you find a serious need to better manage a Windows 95 system you might want to put yourself through the course even if you have no intention of taking any exams.

The fundamental flaw in the whole concept is that once you start buying into this cash source for MS you never stop. After you qualify for Windows 95 you will need to qualify for Windows 98, Windows xx etc. Certification of competence should be provided by some accredited third party.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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