REVIEW - The ABCs of JavaScript


The ABCs of JavaScript


Lee Purcell, Mary Jane Mara



Sybex (1997)




Ruben Galea


June 1999



In brief, recommended for beginners to JavaScript.

The ABCs of JavaScript is an introductory textbook to the scripting language JavaScript. JavaScript is used in today's web pages to add an increased level of dynamic content.

The basic programming techniques of JavaScript are outlined including objects, forms and applets. Cookies are also explained. In all cases, the explanations are supplemented with example code.

This book has been well designed, especially if one considers that rather than including all example code on an accompanying floppy disc or CD, everything is readily accessible on the Sybex Web site. Overall I found this book not particularly difficult to follow - a very favourable plus point. In brief, recommended for beginners to JavaScript.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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