REVIEW - Visual Studio 6 - The Complete Reference


Visual Studio 6

The Complete Reference


John Mueller



McGraw-Hill Companies (1999)




Edward Crosby


December 1999



A complete reference it is not. It is however a good starting point into the world of the Visual Studio 6 suite of applications, (including the 'Enterprise' edition). It is a taster for all those icons that appear on the start menu following installation. It is a beginners guide to the Visual Studio experience. It goes one stage further; it provides some pretty good examples to get one interested in a particular area without drowning them with technicalities. It is a general, all round introduction into the use of VS6.

The book is split into 5. The Interface, Working with Others, Desktop Applications, Internet Applications and Server Applications. The progression is well thought out with the introduction of the main Visual Studio tools followed by the lesser-known utilities. For the beginner this book pulls the development tools together in a methodical and easy to understand way backed up by good examples of the typical program types (data input, DHTML, Enhanced web pages, Server applications etc. All included on the accompanying CD). For the more experienced amongst you, look for more specialist books.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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