REVIEW - Using Microsoft Exchange Server 5


Using Microsoft Exchange Server 5


Kent Joshi, Software Spectrum (Firm)



Que Pub (1997)




Edward Crosby


February 1999



Most of us already know Que's successful formula in the special edition range and this book continues the series. For those installing or migrating to Exchange Server 5 this book covers it all. The introduction may read like a sales pitch straight from Microsoft's marketing department but the book covers everything you would need. The sections include installing, migrating, administration and configuration, the Exchange client and third party integration and application development.

It is difficult to find fault with this book. There will be those who find it too cumbersome and others who feel it falls short in areas of troubleshooting and of course there's the price. However, with detailed instructions, hands on solutions and real world examples it should be sufficient to bring any business user up-to-speed with Exchange Server 5.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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