REVIEW - VRML Flying Through the Web


VRML Flying Through the Web


Mark Pesce



New Riders Pub (1996)




Brian Bramer


February 1999



The Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) enables the creation of 3D worlds, which may be viewed interactively from various points with a VRML browser. Interest in VRML is not limited to the web; it may be used in applications such as teaching where students may interact with 3D images stored on local servers, e.g. chemistry students looking at the structure of a molecule.

This book does not cover VRML programming. It is a survey of VRML browser use and configuration (WebFX, WorldView, Virtus Voyger, etc.) together with numerous examples from a range of application areas (browsers and examples all on the CD).

Although this book would give the reader an appreciation of the capabilities of VRML it is way out of date (published in 1996) and covers VRML 1.0 and the browsers of that period. VRML and browser technology has moved a long way since then. Up to date VRML browsers and add-ons for IE, Netscape, etc. can be downloaded from mirror sites, e.g. there are plenty of sites with numerous VRML examples, e.g. It is clearly time for a new edition! Not recommended!

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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