REVIEW - Programming Mobile Objects with Java


Programming Mobile Objects with Java


Jeff Nelson



John Wiley & Sons Incorporated (1999)




Nigel Armstrong


October 1999



Highly recommended, as long as you ignore his dodgy ideas on the purpose of access modifiers.

Nelson covers his topic enthusiastically and informatively. He makes it clear what the distinctions are between Mobile and Distributed Objects and between Mobile Objects and Mobile Agents. He explains what the technologies currently available can and cannot do, with some simple examples that can be tried out using trial editions of the software on the CD, which also includes all the example code. He covers some standard Design Patterns and shows how using Mobile Objects makes them more flexible.

What I like best about this book is Nelson's ability to communicate his enthusiasm for the technology at a practical level. (Even though he seems to think that it is perfectly OK for modifiable data members to be public - yuk). If I was at the early stage of design on a new application, I am sure I would pick up this book and browse through it looking for ideas - the partitioning of an application is often a nightmare to change and adoption of a mobile object architecture early on would help avoid that pitfall. Highly recommended, as long as you ignore his dodgy ideas on the purpose of access modifiers.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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