REVIEW - Java Foundation Classes - Swing Reference


Java Foundation Classes

Swing Reference


Stephen C. Drye, William C. Wake



Manning Publications (1999)




Nigel Armstrong


October 1999



A typically thick reference book that will be invaluable to anyone programming with the JFC classes. Manning published a guide to using Swing in 1998 called Up to Speed with Swing by Steve Gutz, which was the first useful volume on the subject and this is a worthy companion to it.

In any Java reference book the real value is in the explanatory text and examples that differentiate it from what is available in the javadoc-generated HTML. There is certainly sufficient material here to cover most common uses of Swing as well as some more advanced tasks, such as defining a look-and-feel. My only complaint is that there is no CD provided with the examples on it, though they can be obtained from Manning's Internet site. Recommended.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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