REVIEW - Learning the HP-UX Operating System


Learning the HP-UX Operating System


Marty Poniatowski




Prentice Hall ()




Jon Wilks


August 1998



New UNIX users have a hard job. Cosseted by GUIs and WYSIWYG word processors, learning UNIX can feel like a step back to the Stone Age. New users would appreciate any help in the right direction. This book takes a HP-centric view to UNIX. It is aimed at high power computer users who may possibly use a workstation in a scientific, engineering or design environment.

The book gives quite an unusually broad overview of HP-UX installations including typical hardware configurations, networking, System's Administration, Visual User Environment (which is HP's Xwindows desktop) and programming with HP's Softbench. It takes a tutorial approach to learning the common UNIX commands, Bourne shell programming and even includes the ubiquitous chapter on vi.

Overall I found the book interesting although I felt that at the cost of so wide a coverage of HP's products, the author did not cover some of the subjects in much depth. A shame as at 315 pages, I would not consider it a big book for the cost. Complete beginners would find the book heavy going.

I must stress that a number of books of this nature exist not necessarily better but some are cheaper. However, new HP users would undoubtedly appreciate the coverage given toward HP specific issues.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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