REVIEW - NetWarriors in C++; Programming 3D Multiplayer Games


NetWarriors in C++; Programming 3D Multiplayer Games


J Gradecki




Wiley ()




Philip Michaelson-Yeates


August 1998



Although this book has a very specific title and uses a war game example program, the topics described are applicable to a much wider range of Windows programming than just games. The author assumes a basic understanding of C++, leading the reader methodically through development of 'King's Reign'. This is a strategy war game that can be played by up to four people over the Internet, or head to head using a modem.

Gradecki uses a clear and structured style throughout, demonstrated early on with a comprehensive functional specification for his game. The chapters that introduce Windows event loops and WinSock (a popular communications library) stand out as being particularly approachable. Visual C++ and MFC are used extensively, so much so that one or two sections are little more than click by click instructions for using the


Source code for the complete game, which features sound and sprite animation, is summarised in a hefty 98 page appendix and is also supplied in various stages of development on the accompanying CDROM.

This book would be a useful tutorial for an intermediate C++ student who is already comfortable with the language.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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