REVIEW - Internet Explorer Plug-in and ActiveX Companion


Internet Explorer Plug-in and ActiveX Companion


Krishna Sankar




Que ()




Al Lines


June 1998



As you would expect from the title, the book is aimed at the Microsoft web browsing public and those wishing to develop for it. For the Netscape users amongst us, it still has something to offer, such as how to integrate web pages that will function on both browsers.

All (Microsoft/PC) Internet use is explored - ranging from the assistants for Office to create web pages, through to creating COM controls. Topics range from simplistic, that is, such as creating web pages from Office, to the complex, such as ActiveX controls. A number of examples are given, showing the different possible parameters available, as well as how these contrast with a plug-in. The book closes with the plug-in section and miscellaneous items.

The plug-ins section is fairly weak, giving only a description of the plug-in, where to download it and the methods and events associated with it. All of which is normally available from the download site.

Is it worth the money? Having all of the different information in one place is very handy, but the price stops this being a straight yes.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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