REVIEW - A Cookbook for Serving the Internet - UNIX Version


A Cookbook for Serving the Internet

UNIX Version


Philip E. Bourne



Prentice Hall (1997)




Graham Kendall


October 1998



The book I reviewed was the UNIX version. I assume, as it advertised this fact that there are other versions available for other types of Operating System.

The title does not really explain what the book is trying to do. In fact, it is aimed at UNIX (in this case) users (probably administrators) who want to set up an Internet server. It claims to bring together all the information you will need to set up an Internet information server. It also says that you can stay up to date for years to come as the book has a web site associated with it.

The final claim is that the book is easy to use and it is easy to find the information you require. All this forĀ£18.95.

I would agree that the book is complete and takes you through each stage of setting up and maintaining a UNIX Internet server. I would also agree that the book is presented in a logical way and that information is easy to find.

As for the web site, I admit, I did not visit it, but I have doubts as to its usefulness. I am always wary whether these web sites will be kept up to date and I also have doubts as to whether you will visit them for years to come, once the book has been consigned to a dust bookshelf.

However, forĀ£19 (a reasonable price for a computer book), this is a good investment if you find yourself in a position of having to set up a UNIX server.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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