REVIEW - The Internet Kids&Family Golden Directory 2ed


The Internet Kids&Family Golden Directory 2ed


Jean Armour Polly




McGraw-Hill ()




Francis Glassborow


April 1998



The idea behind this book is excellent. With an increasing number of relatively computer naive families investing in Internet connections and setting out on a voyage of discovery some sort of guide book is desirable. This one sets out to list a wide range of sites that can be visited by the family in relative safety (free from too much risk of being confronted with the unexpected raw side of WWW life. However if ever a book cried out for a CD version that could act as a local jumping off point this is it. You really do not want to be encouraging five-year olds to surf the Net by typing in URLs (note that I do think that five year olds should be escorted onto the Net under parental supervision).

Reasonable book, pity about the lack of a CD.

Jean Armour Polly writes:

Hi, there's a review on your site of my second edition and it laments that the book doesn't have a CD. We added a CD for the 3rd ed which came out in Oct 1998. A 4th ed will be out in September (1999).

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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