REVIEW - Win32 System Programming


Win32 System Programming


Johnson M. Hart



Addison-Wesley Professional (1997)




Francis Glassborow


April 1998



Note the inclusion of 'System' in the title. Though the book covers both Microsoft 32-bit OSs (NT and 95) its focus is systems level programming. This covers such things as using peripherals, file and memory management, process control etc.

If you are already familiar with these things on some other platform (Unix, VMS etc.) then you will find this book an easy introduction to using the Win32 API. If you prior experience has been using Win16 based systems then this book may not be appropriate to your needs because the author is not aiming to convert such programmers. There are other books that meet that objective.

I could waste my space and your time by going into greater detail but the simple fact is that if you already work a system level with something such as Linux and want to penetrate the growing market for Win32 programmers this book will meet your needs. If you lack that type of experience or have no ambition to move into the Win32 programming field then it has nothing to offer you.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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