REVIEW - C/C++ Programmer's Reference


C/C++ Programmer's Reference


Herbert Schildt




Oracle Press (1997)




Francis Glassborow


April 1998



It may be churlish of me to criticise this book because the author has put in quite a bit of work trying to get himself more up-to- date. However the clue to the problem starts with the title. The reference to C/C++ made me suspicious. Even more so was the cover claim to address ANSI Standard C and Standard C++. Strictly speaking the first of those is more correctly described as ISO Standard C and there should be some comment on the version it covers (i.e. before or after amendment 1) The latter does not exist yet. Let me pass on that.

A survey of the table of contents is far more disturbing because well over half the book is dedicated to brief documentation of the Standard C Library (and you would be far better off with Plauger's 'The Standard C Library for that). Much of the rest is a cursory and incomplete coverage of the Standard C++ Library. Aspects of the C++ Library have been ignored, other things are confused (for example the author does not distinguish between basic containers and adaptors - it is not clear that he knows the difference.) If you are already familiar with C++ and simply want a light weight reference to jog your memory you might get some use from this book but I guess you would be continually irritated by not finding the thing you were looking for. If you were looking for something more substantial to support a relatively weak understanding of C/C++ then this is not it.

One positive thing about this book is that the UK cost is a bit nearer a fair currency conversion (the US price is $16.99).

Note that I read and reviewed this book before I started on the author's other book ( Teach Yourself C++ )

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.