REVIEW - Volumetric Image Analysis


Volumetric Image Analysis


Gabriele Lohmann



Wiley (1998)




Francis Glassborow


October 1998



Let me be clear, this is a relatively short book that takes a lot of reading. I guess that the title is technically correct but might mislead many. All I am going to do in this brief review is to give you some idea as to what the book is about and then offer the book to the first comer who thinks s/he has the skill base and interest to look at the book in more detail.

At the simplest level we deal with two-dimensional images. Pictures, photographs etc. are strictly two-dimensional even if they represent three- dimensional scenes. At the next level we move on to what many call 3D images. Actually these are still basically two-dimensional in the sense that they are concerned with surfaces. True three-dimensional images concern the insides/outsides of objects as well as the surfaces. For example consider the images generated by tomographic scanners.

Any time we are concerned with the image of a 3D object in its entirety rather than just its surface we are into volumetric images.

Now its over to you. If you have an appropriate background and have the time to spend time studying this aspect of computer vision ask to read this book and report your experiences to the rest of the membership.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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