REVIEW - Visual Basic 5 Programming Explorer


Visual Basic 5 Programming Explorer


Peter G. Aitken



Coriolis Group (1997)




Edward Crosby


June 1998



A deceptive title for yet another teach yourself VB5 book. However, whilst the book has very little to do with programming explorer its approach to teaching VB5 is refreshing with the right amount of detail to get someone going without insulting their intelligence. The usual VB subjects are covered and interestingly in the right order. Design, objects, instancing and debugging come before the normal form control creation.

My only reservation (true of most VB books) is that naming conventions are not used and VB constants are hard coded. Other than this at approx. 600 pages it's a reasonable amount for someone to work through. This book is a good introduction for beginners.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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