REVIEW - Java - how to program



how to program


Harvey M. Deitel, Paul J. Deitel



Prentice Hall (1998)




Brian Bramer


April 1998



I reviewed the first edition of Java How to Program in C Vu May 1997 and recommended it as a suitable student text for a first programming module. The second edition follows the same format and has been updated to reflect changes introduced with Java 1.1, in particular the new event-handling model (which is used extensively in example programs). My comments are as for the first edition, a good student text but very compressed.

Comments from colleagues who use it are (1) different programs use different techniques for doing the same thing (which confuses weaker students) and (2) it sometimes uses long complex expressions, which can be difficult to understand. On the positive side all the sample code compiles and works as specified (I am currently using a book where I doubt if any of the sample code has ever been compiled!). There is now an instructor's manual with disc (ISBN 0-13-904947-9) which contains the solutions to the exercises.

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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