REVIEW - High-performance Borland C++ Builder


High-performance Borland C++ Builder


Matt Telles




Coriolis Group ()




Brian Bramer


October 1998



C++ Builder is Borland's C++ based component-based drag and drop rapid application development environment for Windows 95/NT.

This is not an introductory text for the beginner; the reader should have basic experience of using a Windows RAD (e.g. Delphi or C++ Builder) and be competent in C++ (although the components take a lot of the hard work out of application development one still needs to know C++ to understand what is going on and to be able to create efficient systems). After a brief introduction the text moves straight on to building application programs using components from the VCL (visual component library), e.g. creating Forms with controls, handling events, processing graphics and images, using the STL, using ActiveX objects, accessing databases, using the VCL in MFC based applications, reusing Delphi components in C++ Builder, directly using the Windows API, etc. There is then an introduction to extending C++ Builder by creating your own components, i.e. analysing requirements, specifying functionality, reuse of existing components, etc., followed by a discussion of wizards and details of C++ extensions used. There is also a useful FAQ section, which picks up questions likely to arise when using the tool. The CD contains all the example code and useful utilities (but not C++ Builder, you will have to buy that!).

A good readable text for the professional software engineer using this RAD tool to develop real world software where reuse of components built using other technologies is important (ActiveX, Delphi, etc.).

Book cover image courtesy of Open Library.

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