Design and Evolution of cyber-dojo

By Jon Jagger

This is a fun session based loosely on the popular UK TV game show Countdown [1].

In the TV version, in each round, contestants have 30 seconds to find the longest word using only a small set of letters.

In this version, in each round, teams have ~7 minutes to write the smallest C++ program which includes a given set of tokens.

For example, the tokens in one round might be:

const std::vector<std::string>> tokens =

A winning program (53 characters long) might be:

class c {
  c operator->(){
    foobar: try{
    catch(c x[]){

Numbers are limited: minimum two people per team, maximum 12 teams.

Each team will need a laptop with wifi and a modern browser.

All programs will be written in the browser using a customized cyber-dojo [2] which will automatically tell you your program’s size, and your score.

NB Although scheduled in a conference room, this session will take place in the hotel bar – how else could it be a "pub quiz" if not held in a "pub".