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Videos from 2015 Conference

Posted by: Martin Moene on 08 August 2015 08:53:12 +01:00

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The following videos from the ACCU 2015 Conference are currently available:

Alison Lloyd · Learn from the Mistakes of Others · abstract · slides

Austin Bingham · Making the Case for Review · abstract · slides

Axel Naumann · Large-Scale Scientific C++ For Casual Coders: Why You (Should) Care
· abstract · slides

Chris Oldwood · In the Toolbox - Live! · abstract · slides

Detlef Vollmann · Atomic Counters or A Lesson on Performance and Hardware Concurrency · abstract · slides

Felienne Hermans · Spreadsheets for developers · abstract · slides

Hubert Matthews · The Dos and Don'ts of Multithreading · abstract · slides

Kevlin Henney · What We Talk About When We Talk About Unit Testing · abstract · slides

Pete Goodliffe · Becoming a Better Programmer · abstract · slides

Peter Sommerlad · Compile-time Computations in C++14 · abstract · slides

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