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ACCU is proud to announce its 2010 Security Conference at Bletchley Park

Posted by: webeditor on 22 August 2010 20:12:24 +01:00

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ACCU Bletchley Park Autumn Fundraising Conference 2010
6 November 2010 at Bletchley Park

Each year the ACCU organises a one day conference on security to raise money for the Bletchley Park Trust, the body which runs Bletchley Park, the World War II UK cryptography centre where the legendary German 'Enigma' code was first cracked, and for The National Museum of Computing, also housed at Bletchley Park.

The three speakers at this year's conference have now been confirmed, and they are Bruce Schneier, Whitfield Diffie and Andy Clark, all well known figures to those in the programming and security industries.

More details are available in the ACCU Conference press release available at Conference Press Release.pdf

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