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The book reviews are back!

Posted by: Administrator on 07 November 2008 21:02:59 +00:00

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Some may have noticed that the book reviews have been 'missing' for the past couple of months. They are a very popular part of the site, in fact the ACCU book reviews are held in high regard amongst the programming cognescenti, and it's become important to get them back online again. What is up there now is therefore just a quick hack to have them available again in rough form, in a few weeks there will be a much improved version with a wider array of search possibilities.

For those who are interested, the previous system was based around the MarkLogic XML server. This worked well but did require a license in order for it to run and we had been gifted one in years past, but each year was problematic to get a new one, this year it seems we ran out of luck altogether. The new version will be a module of the site system, Xaraya, and GPL'd.

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