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New site theme

Posted by: Administrator on 16 April 2007 21:18:56 +01:00

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To celebrate the latest conference, we're introducing a new site theme: 'Accu2007'.

The new look has a more integrated set of blues and a little more space for the content, plus the corners are no longer rounded, so watch you don't bang into them!. And we are trying out a fixed width layout this time, rather than the variable width which caused problems with some screen sizes.

As there are about 2,000 pages of content (nearly 20Mb) it is of course not practical to check every page in every possible browser, so if you come across any problems, drop the tech guy a line at 'tpushman (a)', mentioning the page, the browser, the operating system and the problem you were seeing.

Let us know what you think, either directly or to the mailing lists. The old theme is still around and we may make it a user choice at a later date.


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