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Branching Strategies
Description : Branching can either be embraced or avoided. Chris Oldwood documents the pros and cons of three main branching strategies. by Chris Oldwood
Category: [ Overload Journal #121 - June 2014 | Programming Topics ]
Lies, Damn Lies and Estimates
Description : Predicting how long something will take is hard. Seb Rose takes us on a brief tour through the swamp that is estimation. by Seb Rose
Category: [ Overload Journal #117 - October 2013 ]
The Uncertainty Principle
Description : Not being sure of something is usually thought of as a problem. Kevlin Henney argues to the contrary. by Kevlin Henney
Category: [ Overload Journal #115 - June 2013 ]
Software Developer Business Patterns
Description : Patterns can be applied to business as well as software. Allan Kelly shows us how. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #111 - October 2012 | Project Management ]
The Virtual Interview
Description : John Max Skaller was interviewed by Sean A. Corfield by Sean A. Corfield
Source : Generated via JPG, Google OCR, pandoc markdown from scanned journal
Category: [ Overload Journal #5 - Sep 1994 | Programming Topics ]
Moving with the Times
Description : The ACCU is primarily a way for programmers to communicate. Alan Griffiths looks at its past, and speculates on its future. by Alan Griffiths
Category: [ Overload Journal #106 - December 2011 | Project Management ]
From the Age of Power to the Age of Magic and beyond...
Description : Certain abilities allowed some societies to dominate their peers. Sergey Ignatchenko takes a historical perspective on dominant societies. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Overload Journal #106 - December 2011 ]
Integrating Testers Into An Agile Team
Description : Agile has usually concentrated on how to organise developers. Allan Kelly shows how testers fit in. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #104 - August 2011 ]
Systems Thinking Software Development
Description : Many processes cause more problems than they solve. Tom Sedge shows how to tailor your own. by Tom Sedge
Category: [ Overload Journal #103 - June 2011 | Design of applications and programs ]
The Agile Spectrum
Description : Very few teams are truly Agile. Allan Kelly looks at the range of styles. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #102 - April 2011 ]
On CMM, Formalism and Creativity
Description : No Bugs requires us to improve software quality. Sergey Ignatchenko considers some of the potential problems. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Overload Journal #102 - April 2011 ]
Despair Programming
Description : Managing relationships is vital to a successful project. Teedy Deigh looks back on a lifetime’s experience. by Teedy Deigh
Category: [ Overload Journal #102 - April 2011 ]
The Agile 10 Steps Model
Description : Technical processes have tended to dominate agile thinking. Allan Kelly looks at the wider picture. by Allan Kelly
Category: [ Overload Journal #101 - February 2011 ]
Bug Hunting and the Scientific Method
Description : Do you have a proper methodology when fixing bugs? Rafael Jay puts on his lab coat. by Rafael Jay
Category: [ Overload Journal #100 - December 2010 ]
From Occam's Razor to No Bugs' Axe
Description : Designing good APIs that stand the test of time is notoriously hard. Sergey Ignatchenko suggests a radical guideline. by Sergey Ignatchenko
Category: [ Overload Journal #100 - December 2010 | Programming Topics ]
Bug Elimination - Defensive Agile Ruses
Description : Everyone thinks they understand bug economics. Walter Foyle looks again. by Walter Foyle
Category: [ Overload Journal #96 - April 2010 ]
Quality Matters: A Case Study in Quality
Description : How do we assess quality? Matthew Wilson takes a look at the design of one library. by Matthew Wilson
Category: [ Overload Journal #94 - December 2009 ]
Quality Matters: Correctness, Robustness and Reliability
Description : What do we mean by quality? Matthew Wilson considers some definitions. by Matthew Wilson
Category: [ Overload Journal #93 - October 2009 ]
Software Development in the 21st Century
Description : What's the future of software development? Alan Griffiths and Marc Allan have a timely look at recent experiences. by Alan Griffiths , Marc Allan
Category: [ Overload Journal #90 - April 2009 | Project Management ]
Measurable Value with Agile
Description : Are you solving the right problem or simply solving the problem right? Ryan Shriver shows us that both are needed for value delivery. by Ryan Shriver
Category: [ Overload Journal #89 - February 2009 ]
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