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Why Polynomial Approximation Won't Cure Your Calculus Blues
Description : We’re still trying to find a good way to approach numerical computing. Richard Harris tries to get as close as possible.
Category: [ Overload Journal #106 - December 2011 ]
Why Rationals Won’t Cure Your Floating Point Blues
Description : Numerical computing is still proving hard to do accurately. Richard Harris considers another number representation.
Category: [ Overload Journal #101 - February 2011 ]
Why [Insert Algorithm Here] Won’t Cure Your Calculus Blues
Description : We now know that floating point arithmetic is the best we can do. Richard Harris goes back to school ready to show how to use it.
Category: [ Overload Journal #104 - August 2011 ]
Windows 64-bit Calling Conventions
Description : How the stack works is useful to understanding your programs’ behaviour. Roger Orr compares and contrasts.
Category: [ Overload Journal #120 - April 2014 ]
Working with GNU Export Maps
Description : Taking control over the symbols exported from shared libraries built with the GNU toolchain.
Category: [ Overload Journal #79 - Jun 2007 ]
Writing Custom Widgets in Qt
Description :

In the fourth installment of our series on cross-platform GUI programming with the Qt C++ toolkit, we are going to write a custom widget using Qt. The widget in question is a "scribble" widget (see Figure 1) - that is, the drawing area of a simple paint program

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 16, #6 - Dec 2004 ]
Writing Good C++ APIs
Description : Tom Björkholm examines some common pitfalls that make code hard to use.
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 27, #2 - May 2015 ]
Writing Maintainable Code
Description :

Recently, I've been thinking hard about what makes code maintainable, and how to write code to be maintainable. This interest has partly been driven by the mentoring of those starting out in C++ that I've been doing, both through the ACCU mentored developers program, and for work.

The principles I've identified have not really been hidden; since they've been widely documented for years, and they're actually things that most good developers do as a matter of course. However, as with many things, you don't necessarily realize their benefits until you rediscover them yourself.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 16, #2 - Apr 2004 ]
Writing Your Own Stream Manipulators

Source : Generated via JPG, Google OCR, pandoc markdown from scanned journal
Category: [ Overload Journal #5 - Sep 1994 ]
[ Microsoft | Frameworks ] WTL
Description : Windows Template Library
Added on : 11 February 2006 00:12:09 +00:00
[ C and C++ | Frameworks ] WTL Quick Reference
Description : WTL Quick Reference
Added on : 11 February 2006 00:13:55 +00:00
Wx - A Live Port
Description :

This is a collection of notes I have made while porting an application from MFC to wxWidgets. It is intended partly as a tutorial and partly to document some of the roadblocks I met on the way.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 16, #5 - Oct 2004 ]
Wx - A Live Port - Part 3
Description :

In this, the final part of the series, Jon rounds off the port of an application from MFC to wxWidgets.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #1 - Feb 2005 ]
XML as a Model-View-Controller System for Documents
Description :

In this article I will describe how an MVC approach to the generation of documents can yield the same benefits that are traditionally seen with this approach to software design, and will introduce some XML [XML][Harold-] tools that can support this method. Finally, I will look at some of the alternatives to XML that could achieve the same separation of concerns.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 16, #4 - Aug 2004 ]
YAGNI-C as a Practical Application of YAGNI
Description : YAGNI can seem vague. Sergey Ignatchenko offers a more precise definition.
Category: [ Design of applications and programs | Overload Journal #117 - October 2013 ]

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