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Attacking Licensing Problems with C++
Description : Software licenses are often crackable. Deák Ferenc presents a technique for tackling this problem.
Category: [ Overload Journal #135 - October 2016 ]
Auto – A Necessary Evil?
Description : Superficially simple language features can be surprisingly complicated. Roger Orr explores a new one that is likely to be used widely.
Category: [ Overload Journal #115 - June 2013 ]
Auto – a necessary evil? (Part 2)
Description : Should you declare (almost) everything auto? Roger Orr considers when auto is appropriate.
Category: [ Overload Journal #116 - August 2013 ]
Automatic Navigation Mesh Generation in Configuration Space
Description : Walkable 3D environments can be automatically navigated. Stuart Golodetz demonstrates how navigation meshes achieve this.
Category: [ Overload Journal #117 - October 2013 ]
auto_value: Transfer Semantics for Value Types
Description : In his quest to pass around values efficiently, Richard Harris concludes by looking at ways of transferring ownership, now and in the future.
Category: [ Design of applications and programs | Overload Journal #81 - Oct 2007 ]
auto_value: Transfer Semantics for Value Types
Description : "Copy On Write" (COW) sounds like an ideal idiom for avoiding expensive copies. But care must be taken to avoid producing a "mad cow".
Category: [ Design of applications and programs | Overload Journal #80 - Aug 2007 ]
auto_value: Transfer Semantics for Value Types
Description : std::auto_ptr has a reputation for causing problems due to its surprising copy/assignment semantics. Richard Harris tries to separate the good ideas from the bad.
Category: [ Overload Journal #79 - Jun 2007 ]
‘No Bugs’ Top Five C++ Cooking Recipes
Description : Developers often have a few favourite tricks for solving problems. Sergey Ignatchenko shares his five top recipes.
Category: [ Overload Journal #113 - February 2013 ]
‘Speedy Gonzales’ Serializing (Re)Actors via Allocators
Description : More speed! Sergey Ignatchenko completes his (Re)Actor allocator series with Part III.
Category: [ Overload Journal #141 - October 2017 ]
Back to School
Description : The Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be 30 years old in April 2012. Andy Thomas recalls how this plucky little home computer shaped his childhood.
Category: [ Overload Journal #108 - April 2012 ]
[ Java | Frameworks ] BCEL
Description : The Byte Code Engineering Library is intended to give users a convenient possibility to analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files (those ending with .class). Classes are represented by objects which contain all the symbolic information of the given class: methods, fields and byte code instructions, in particular.
Added on : 10 February 2006 22:52:34 +00:00
[ Java | Frameworks ] Bean Scripting Framework
Description : Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) is a set of Java classes which provides scripting language support within Java applications, and access to Java objects and methods from scripting languages
Added on : 10 February 2006 22:53:30 +00:00
Beauty in Code
Description : Attractiveness matters. Adam Tornhill uses a Clojure example to show how generalisation can be more beautiful than special cases.
Category: [ Overload Journal #121 - June 2014 ]
Benefits of Well Known Interfaces in Closed Source Code
Description : Designing a good API is a significant challenge. Arun Saha suggests taking inspiration from outside.
Category: [ Overload Journal #102 - April 2011 ]
Best Practices vs Witch Hunts
Description : Best practices can be a Good Thing. Sergey Ignatchenko considers when they can turn into Really Bad Things.
Category: [ Overload Journal #125 - February 2015 ]

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