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P1063 vs Coroutines TS: Consensus on High-Level Semantics
Description : Dmytro Ivanchykhin, Sergey Ignatchenko and Maxim Blashchuk argue that we need coroutines TS now to improve-based-on-experience later.
Category: [ Overload Journal #147 - October 2018 ]
Paper Bag Escapology Using Particle Swarm Optimisation
Description : Some attempts at programming one’s way out of a paper bag need an upfront model. Frances Buontempo simplifies things using particle swarm optimisation.
Category: [ Overload Journal #123 - October 2014 ]
Parsing Configuration Files in C++ with Boost
Description : Giuseppe Vacanti describes how to deal with program options, C++ style.
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 26, #5 - November 2014 ]
Password Hashing: Why and How
Description : Password hashing is important. Sergey Ignatchenko explains how to do it properly.
Category: [ Overload Journal #129 - October 2015 ]
[ References | Perl ] Perl
Description : The Source for Perl
Added on : 10 February 2006 23:53:13 +00:00
Perl is a Better Sed, and Python 2 is Good
Description : Silas S. Brown sweats the differences between tools on common platforms.
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 26, #5 - November 2014 ]
[ Internet | PHP ] PHP Resource Center
Description : Hundreds of ready-to-use PHP programs for your web site!
Added on : 10 February 2006 23:51:18 +00:00
Picking Patterns for Parallel Programs (Part 1)
Description : Designing programs for multi-core systems can be extremely complex. Anthony Williams suggests some patterns to keep things under control.
Category: [ Overload Journal #105 - October 2011 ]
Pointer Reversal: An Algorithm Design Technique
Description :

To summarize, as memory goes too low, garbage collection could kick in, but it in turn needs memory to maintain a traversal stack … Quite a catch-22.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #5 - Oct 2005 ]
Polymorphic Comparisons
Description : Polymorphic comparisons require much boilerplate. Robert Mill and Jonathan Coe introduce a template utility for such comparisons.
Category: [ Overload Journal #135 - October 2016 ]
Polymorphism in C++ – A Type Compatibility View
Description : Polymorphism can happen in many ways. Satprem Pamudurthy compiles an exhaustive matrix of approaches.
Category: [ Overload Journal #141 - October 2017 ]
Pooled Lists
Description : Christopher Baus explains the advantages of using a pooled memory allocation strategy for high performance applications.
Category: [ Overload Journal #76 - Dec 2006 ]
Portable Console I/O via iostreams
Description : Portable streaming is challenging. Alf Steinbach describes how his library fixes problems with non-ASCII characters.
Category: [ Overload Journal #140 - August 2017 ]
Portable String Literals in C++
Description : How hard can it be to make a file in C++ with international text literals in its name? Alf Steinbach shows us.
Category: [ Overload Journal #116 - August 2013 ]
Professionalism in Programming #24
Description :

There is more to life than increasing its speed” - Mahatma Gandhi

We live in a fast food culture. Not only must our dinner arrive yesterday, our car should be fast, and our entertainment instant. Our code should also run like lightning. I want my result. And I want it now.

Ironically, writing fast programs takes a long time.

Optimisation is a spectre hanging over software development, as W.A. Wulf observed. “More computing sins are committed in the name of efficiency (without necessarily achieving it) than for any other single reason – including blind stupidity”.

It’s a well-worn subject, with plenty of trite soundbites bounding around, and the same advice being served time and time again. But despite this, a lot of code is still not developed sensibly. Programmers get sidetracked by the lure of efficiency and write bad code in the name of performance.

In these articles we’ll address this. We’ll tread some familiar ground and wander well-worn paths, but look out for some new views on the way. Don’t worry – if the subject’s optimisation it shouldn’t take too long...

Source : Entered by hand
Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 16, #1 - Feb 2004 | Professionalism in Programming, from CVu journal ]

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