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New Container Classes in Qt 4
Description :

In this article, we will review Qt 4's new set of template container classes.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 17, #3 - Jun 2005 ]
No News is Good News
Description : Using ‘new’ without care can be slow. Paul Floyd uses Godbolt’s compiler explorer to see what happens when you do.
Category: [ Overload Journal #144 - April 2018 ]
Non-Standard Code
Description :

I recently faced a problem which I felt I could only solve using non-standard code, and thought that some of the issues this brought up might be of interest to the readers of CVu.

Category: [ CVu Journal Vol 15, #2 - Apr 2003 ]
Non-Superfluous People: Architects
Description : No developer is an island. Sergey Ignatchenko continues his series of non-superfluous people by looking at the role of architects.
Category: [ Overload Journal #127 - June 2015 ]
Non-Superfluous People: Testers
Description : Software development needs a team of supporting players. Sergey Ignatchenko takes a look at the role of professional testers.
Category: [ Overload Journal #124 - December 2014 ]
NullableAttribute and C# 8
Description : C# 8 will bring many new features. Jon Skeet investigates the metadata representation of Nullable Reference Types.
Category: [ Overload Journal #150 - April 2019 ]
Numbers in JavaScript
Description : JavaScript floating point numbers can confuse C++ programmers. Anthony Williams draws our attention to some surprising behaviour.
Category: [ Overload Journal #128 - August 2015 ]